Aleyciuss Al-Ali started her career in the Fashion Industry in 2005 as a model with Ebony Fashion Fair, traveling all over modeling high-end designer clothing. While she still loves to model for select projects, since 2007 Aleyciuss focused her energy on working behind-the-scenes, determined to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible to become successful at creating and managing creative projects across all markets. Aleyciuss understands the importance of possessing solid business skills, which she has begun to express with the creation of CREATIVE DIRECTIVE in 2012, a creative design management company dedicated to ensuring the best in quality creative consulting services. Creative Directive's clientele range from individuals to businesses who want to improve the overall standard of their presence and connection with their customer base. Creative Directive also has created a blog which is dedicated to the support of new and established creative talent as well as providing helpful educational information and resources .