Fascinators have been popular in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand for decades, but have only recently hit the fashion scene in the states – especially with the wedding of Prince William and Princess Catherine in 2011. Sandra discovered this fantastic way of adorning and framing a woman’s beauty when preparing to marry her British husband in England in 2007. Finding the unique beauty of these millinery designs irresistible, she made her first fascinator to wear on her wedding day, studied with a Royal Milliner shortly after, and Breeziway was born the following year.

Fascinators are often made of lightweight materials like feathers, crystal beads, horsehair, silk flowers, and veiling. They make a comfortable alternative to a hat, always grabbing the fascination of those in company!

Hatinators, which combine features of both hats and fascinators, are yet another category of accessories available for weddings, races and other special occasions.

Our designer, Sandra, has won the Kentucky Derby Museum Hat Competition in 2011 (Judge’s Choice) and 2012 for her hatinator designs. The possibilities are endless, and we love creating exclusive looks for the discerning women who have the confidence to hold their own audiences captive!